5 Reasons why travelers love to visit India

Munnar tea plantation worker standing in the tea plantation

“In India, I found a race of mortals living upon the Earth, but not adhering to it, inhabiting cities, but not being fixed to them, possessing everything, but possessed by nothing,” Apollonius Tyanaeus. India has always been perceived as a wonderland celebrating the brightest hues of life, but the reasons why tourists take a trip to India, to this holy land runs much deeper than anyone can describe. Here’s an attempt –

Diversity of India

The greatest glory of India lies in the diverse and varied nature that exist in its religion, language, food, attire, festivals, inspiration. There are no garden variety when it comes to India, everyone is unique in itself.

1- Pilgrimage of India

Amritsar Golden temple water and boat

The sole purpose of traveling is to experience emotions the banality of daily life refuse to offer, this makes tourists more weighted towards places that offers peace and serenity. India promises this to a large extent. The place where people indulge in devotion to the greatest extent, the rituals and their explanations, the festival and the legends behind it, the places and the incidents behind it; all make them bind their hand in faith, irrespective of beliefs. The tourist experience the extraordinary feeling of being a part of something bigger, India offer tourist relief and satisfaction of being a pilgrim. With a friendly welcome and flexible and forgiving nature, everyone is a pilgrim in India. The Khumb Mela, Golden Temple, Haji Ali Dargah; India has enough pilgrimage sites to help tourists explore their spirituality.

2 – History of India

temple of hampi

With almost 3000 monumental sites under the Central protection program itself, India has no scarcity of sites for historical enthusiasts who like to tally their knowledge with the real-life sight of monuments. History has always been an interesting part of India, while some chapters of it are cruel, some sing the song of its victory: each one of these chapters has at least one monument connected to it. These time machines sit timidly waiting for them to be explored.

3 – Flora and Fauna of India

India’s pact with nature remains unhindered. The land is blessed with endemic species like Asiatic Lion, Sangai Deer, Lion-tailed macaque, Kashmir Stag, Blue Ribbon, Namdapha Flying Squirrel. These are just some of the species found only in the premises of India with the availability to be watched from far as well as near. The flora of India still remains to be pious at some places.

4 – Indian Food and cuisines

Indian food served daal, rice, vegetable and spices shown

Experimentation of food has also been a feature of India. The mundane taste of staple food also attracts tourists to India, with a variety of climate existing, the main course also changes, the way they are cooked and what tastes better with them too. The spices, vegetables, meat, cereals: each of the dish of India comes from a long line of trial and error that has finally led to the perfect blend for the tongue.5

5- Culture of India

Indian bharatanatyam dancer performing in amazing costume

The richness of culture runs deeper than the roots in India. With religions comes culture that has become an undeniable part of India. From the soulful sitar to Indie rock, India has channels of music. The same can be said about dances. Every dance form is unique to itself and extremely indigenous.

and of course, The Hospitality

5 Reasons why travelers love to visit India 1

Hospitality is yet another part of Indian culture, India has always extended a hand that has their heart on it, It has never failed to make tourists feel appreciated in the country.  Entire country’s slogan reads as “Atithi Devo Bhava” which translates as “Guest is like a God”. Every child has grown up listening to these slogans, and hence the country as a whole is quite friendly to all its guests.

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